ECA Mission Statement

Revised: January 2008

Learning is at the core of what we do at ECA. Learning defines actions, guides practice, and is the focus of professional discussions and continuous improvement efforts.

The result of these factors are reflected in the success of ECA graduates who are consistently offered admission to some of the most competitive universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and other countries around the world

We invite you to journey through our web pages to see how we realize this mission. You will find that ECA is a warm, welcoming school, with an excellent track record and exciting opportunities for students at every grade level.

The elementary school includes the early childhood programs of Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten as well as grades 1st to 5th.In the last two years of high school, students may also enroll in the International Baccalaureate diploma program.

The teacher must impress upon the students the need for them to look at each picture very carefully. Students should concentrate not just on the central figures or subjects in each picture, but also on anything noteworthy in the corners or background. As each image is shown they should also think of a title for the picture. The teacher then shows the pictures - allowing the students time to think about a suitable title and write it down. If a student happens to know the title of the picture already, that's fine. My preferred eight images are all paintings hanging in the National Gallery in London.

When the students have viewed all pictures, the teacher leads a feedback session in which titles are suggested and discussed. Typically, the last image elicits suggestions for a title very close to the artist's own. I have found this an excellent vehicle for discussion work and for social interaction on many levels. On some occasions students have demanded to know the artists' own titles, whilst on others they have seemed uninterested in them - or openly declared that their own titles were better! (Once or twice I have even agreed!

I then ask the students to think back and, without viewing the pictures again, put a cross against the title of those pictures they thought had a dog in them. This is simply an observation exercise, but it typically generates much debate - and is a valuable step in the process art teachers term "learning to look". A supplementary (or alternative) question is "Which pictures do you think contained the colour red?". The list of eight pictures above contains a mix of pictures with both a dog and the clour red, pictures with one but not the other, and pictures with neither.

After a similar feedback session, the teacher allows the students to view the pictures once more and they see how well they did. The reader will have noticed the similarity between this and the student activity described on the students' process page of my webquest.

More specifically, however, this activity allows teachers and students to meet benchmarks listed under the widely respected Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McRel) language arts reading standards. More details are available at the McRel website which you can visit by clicking here. Below I list the most relevant McRel language arts reading standards and benchmarks for a third to fifth grade class.

How to be a great teacher

All teachers know that they have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. You receive unpolished diamonds that are slowly processed into the shiniest, most valuable jewels. Working with young children in a high quality learning environment is even better, this is why all of our professionals love to be employed at Escuela Campo Alegre. We inspire our students to study, we show them the way to a bright future and they learn how to choose their own paths in order to become happy and successful adults.

Mold young minds

You need to be at your peak state if you want to be the best teacher of these students. You cannot allow anything to stand in your way, not even your health problems. When thyroid gland stops producing sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones, it will affect you on numerous levels. You will experience difficulties concentrating, digestive problems, issues with your reproductive system, weight management problems and many others, so doing your job will be a lot more difficult.

How could you pay attention to the impatient children who are eager to know more about the world, when you cannot control your body? You must take Thyromine and enhance your overall health because these kids really need you. Developed with the purest ingredients extracted from medicinal herbs and assisting the healthy function of your thyroid gland, Thyromine will support you to get back in shape. This health supplement encourages the healthy weight management, alleviates thyroid-related problems and promotes your general wellbeing.

You will no longer have problems in maintaining your focus and depression will no longer be a part of your life. Children will not be a source of distress anymore and you will have fun teaching them your classes. Teach them about respect, involvement and success – show them the good way and they will be grateful later in life. In the same time remember that you must set a good example for your students and take care of your health when problems arise.

Keep up to their expectations

Do not neglect your reduced energy levels, fatigue, moodiness and sensitivity to cold. These are a few symptoms that your thyroid gland does not work properly and you have to seek for the advice of your physician. Students always look up to their teacher and mimic their disposition – so is it what you wish for the kids? To stay grumpy and tired all the time, when here are so many beautiful things out there, waiting to be explored?

Stay home when you are really sick and do not come to Escuela Campo Alegro to let your students see you in your bad mood. Have well-defined consequences for when kids no longer listen to your verbal warnings and make sure that you punish them whenever they become too disobedient. Use quizzes to motivate them for recaps and summaries and review with them whenever they did not understand perfectly.

Keep in shape and physically active to ensure that your energy levels will be up to your students expectations. Do not show any signs of fatigue because your little ones will take advantage of it. Use Thyromine when your thyroid gland stops functioning as it should and be certain that you will always earn the attention of your students!